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Feature CourtDesk Other Systems Advantage
Online Court Reservations Reduce the load on your Pro Shop staff so they can spend more time on what matters. Court Desk allows club members to search for available court times from any device 24/7.
Intuitive Court Book The Court Book has been designed to function in a similar manner to the paper court books you’re already familiar with. However with CourtDesk you can take advantage of our drag and drop functionality to modify reservations or move them from on court to another. Another great feature includes built in restrictions that prevent common mistakes, including double bookings.
Signups for Clinics Our solution includes the ability to create all types of events, more than just clinic sign-up. Our comprehensive list of settings allows you to take control of your club’s events and maximize outreach.
Share Upcoming Events All upcoming club events are visible from your member’s profile. CourtDesk helps get the word out about club events and ultimately creates more foot traffic which translates to more business for your club.
Find New Players CourtDesk not only enables your members to connect with one another but it allows them to search for external users within the court desk community. Players can search by, level, location, NTRP rating, and even playing style.
Exposure to New Members CourtDesk allows your members to invite public users to their court reservations. CourtDesk helps target new prospective members by connecting the club to a member’s network of friends.
Customizable settings Other court management solutions require that you fit into the mold what their software can handle. CourtDesk however has been designed closely with large tennis clubs so that every unique court policy can be enforced.
Teaching Pro Lesson Books Many software packages only offer a simple reservation system. But what if you’re a teaching pro and just want a simple Lesson Book for booking and tracking my lessons. Well we’ve got that covered. Teaching pros can easily manage their lessons from their mobile phone, even while out on the court.
Real-time Display for Pro Shops One great feature for clubs is the Court Monitors. These are displays that you can hook up to TV screens in your pro shop. We have plenty of display options to choose from – even touch displays.
Mobile Apps
(iPhone, Android & Windows)
In addition to the online web application, we have apps on iPhone, Android, and Windows phone. You can be confident that we support all major platforms to serve more of you members.
Reservation Change Logs It’s hard remembering the history behind a single reservation. With CourtDesk each update to a court reservation is tracked in the club’s log so you can see why, when and who modified it.
Recurring Reservations / Events Many court reservation systems are limited in their functionality. With CourtDesk you can reduce redundant data entry by utilizing the feature to create recurring reservations.
Email alerts While other software has email alerts - CourtDesk sends players email notifications with iCal invites that are compatible with nearly all smart phone calendars.
Player Racquet Specifications No other system allows players to share racquet specifications. Clubs can help add value for their players by customizing the weight and balance of their tennis racquets and posting it to their profile.
Player Stringing Logs Ever had a member forget what their stringing tension is? Not anymore. CourtDesk allows the club stringer to post string jobs directly to a player’s profile and remind them when it’s time to have it restrung.

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Cloud Based

Available 24/7 from anywhere an internet connection is available. Worry free reliability that you can trust.

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Real-time online Court Book shows the most up-to-date info regarding your members and upcoming court reservations.

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Mobile Compatibility

We have the apps. Responsive mobile design ensures that the CourtDesk platform is accessible across all popular mobile devices.

Available 24/7, Accessible from anywhere.

[Court Book]

The Court Book is now accessible from anywhere at any time, 24/7. Club Administrators can access the single computerized court book.

For most clubs the court book is rarely managed by one person. This is why it is important to be able to see who made what changes and when. The electronic court book can be configured to send an automatic email or notification anytime a reservation is created or modified.

Automated, elegant, simple.

[Online Reservations]

Booking a court has never been easier. Everything is automated though CourtDesk. Simply enter you member information into the system and your members will be able to start booking online court reservations. Reduce the load on your Pro Shop staff so they can spend more time on what matters.

Display options for the Pro Shop.

[Court Monitor Displays]

Let talk through a scenario. Say you’re a club with 30 courts and all courts are booked at 8:00 AM for doubles matches. This can be a nightmare for most clubs because it means that you may have as many as 120 people checking all at the same time (30 courts x 4 players = 120 check-ins). Checking-in and directing 120 people to their courts kills precious court time for your members, and is taxing on your staff. CourtDesk eliminates this problem allowing members to simply view a monitor in the pro-shop displaying which court they are on. It’s just that easy.

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